"I do not know which to prefer, the beauty of inflections
or the beauty of innuendoes,
the blackbird whistling,
or just after.“

:: Wallace Stevens ::

This page is given in tribute to the spirits of
Sarah and Blaise. On this page, their flame
lives on.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Napoleon Bonaparte to Josephine Beauharnais, 1795

Paris, December 1795

I wake filled with thoughts of you. Your portrait and the intoxicating evening which we spent yesterday have left my senses in turmoil. Sweet, incomparable Josephine, what a strange effect you have on my heart! Are you angry? Do I see you looking sad? Are you worried?... My soul aches with sorrow, and there can be no rest for you lover; but is there still more in store for me when, yielding to the profound feelings which overwhelm me, I draw from your lips, from your heart a love which consumes me with fire? Ah! it was last night that I fully realized how false an image of you your portrait gives!

You are leaving at noon; I shall see you in three hours.

Until then, mio dolce amor, a thousand kisses; but give me none in return, for they set my blood on fire.


  1. *sigh* a thousand kisses and I would just be content with one from him.

    You always find the most beautiful words S and I think I am going to enjoy this new place of yours; muchly.

  2. Sweetest Sarah, I didn't realize this was visible yet, as I haven't quite completed its development, but as my first visitor, a welcome embrace and a wish for you, for one thousand kisses from yours again.

  3. You never
    do anything lacking in beauty.
    Ah, and I have known ten thousand kisses
    in other places
    on other canvases
    and countries have fallen.

  4. Woman, this space is special to me for a thousand different reasons, made even more special because you are a part of it, and a part of what makes it.

  5. I draw from your lips, your heart a love that
    fills me with fire...oOoo.

    fantasy, ethereal blog.